Digital Ulstrasonic Diagnostic Imaging System

sistem ulstrasound standar yang tersedia saat ini biasanya memungkinkan untuk diagnosis dasar tetapi kurang canggih. Sekarang, dengan harga yang paling comperatitive di industri, DC-30 adalah jawaban sempurna untuk performa gambar berkualitas tinggi, dengan fitur tambahan seperti Auto IMT, iSpace TM, 4D i8maging, Natural Touch elastography, UWN Kontras Imaging, dan Tissue Doppler imaging.

Detail Spesifikasi

Phase Shift Harmonic
Phase Shift Harmonic (PSH) Imaging, commonly known as Purified Harmonic Imaging, Plays an important role in ultrasonic non-linear imaging. The PSH technique enables reduced noise, resulting in images with higher contrast resolution.

iClear speckle-reduction imaging technology reduces the image speckle noise and acquires clearer and sharper lesion contours.

iBeam spatial-compounding imaging technology permits use of multiple transmitting angles to form a single image, resulting in echanced contrast resolution and improved visualization.

Auto IMT
Auto IMT (Intina Media Thickness) automatically detects and calculates the thickness of carotid intima-media. With a comprehensive IMT report, auto IMT facilitates an accurate and efficient assessment of carotid condition.

iScape TM
(Real-Time Panoramic Imaging)
iScape allows exceptional visualization of anatomical structures relationships over an extended view of anatomy.

4D Imaging & iPage TM
For better obstetric diagnosis, the DC-30 delivers practical and valuable 3D/4D images. With iPageTM (multi-slice view) function, different views of fetal structures are much easier to acquire from one set of volume data.

Natural Touch Elastography
Based on Mindray’s exclusive techonology, Natural Touch Elastography reduces dependence on user operation technique, improving reproducibility for increased clinical utility.

UWN Contrast Imaging
Mindray’s unique contrast imaging technology utilizes contrast agent characteristics with both 2nd harmonic and non-linear fundamental signals to get an improved S/N ratio for better diagnostic details and longer contrast agent duration for improved observation.

(Mobile Device App for image Transferring)
MedSight lets you transfer clinical images and videos to your smart device via an interactive app. This is ideal for a mother-to-be wainting to share the images of the fetus with her family or friends; or for a training session or a discussion with your peers on a rare case. With MedSight you can now take the clinical examinations with you wherever needed.

TDI & Free Xros M
Equipped with advanced functions suc as Tissue Doppler Imaging (TDI) and Free Xros M (Anatomic M mode), the DC-30 provides you with practical tools for cardiovascular diagnosis. The TDI package, supporting cardiovascular diagnosis. The TDI package, supporting TVI, TEI, TVM TVD and integrating well with the free Xros M, enables quantitative evaluation of myocardial motion and synchronicity.